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Our Holistic Postpartum Doula training is now available for you to learn the Set Apart way.
Holistic Postpartum Doula Training online course

Choose a course to learn the Set Apart Way!

  • Holistic Birthing Doula

    We are here to build a community of those who serve families during one of the biggest life transitions! BIRTH! Train with us to be equipped in a holistic manner.

  • Holistic Postpartum Doula

    A time period often overlooked will no longer be ignored in our community. We are providing this training for those looking to support families after their bundle of joy is earthside.

  • Child Birth Education

    SAC trained doulas ONLY. This course will prepare and empower you to teach your families about the child birth process.

Training with the Set Apart Collective

When you choose to train the Set Apart way you receive a community and teachings that are truly set apart from the world.

  • Culturally competent information and resources

  • Unique and compelling information based on knowledge and firsthand experiences

  • Opportunities for further education and mentorship

It takes a village to survive this journey we all call life.


“Stormi Harmon is one of the greatest birth workers ever. I love her energy and I continue to be inspired by her knowledge and wisdom... I love when like-minded women of color get can together to tackle a crisis that is affecting our community. The Set Apart Collective allows me to build relationships and create change as a collective. The training allows me to serve with cultural competency, intentionality, and awareness. ”

Dr. S williams

“I choose to train: At Set Apart Collective for two reasons. The trainer who is also a women, mother and African American with an abundant amount of experience in caring for families. I loved how this training included a holistic approach to becoming a Doula because I also incorporate the same approach when caring for my families as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and in my personal life." -”

Jessica F.

“The SAC is a different breed of dynamic women of color who understand and support one another within the collective. This collective is indeed set apart due to the different specialties, birth education, and gifts each of us brings to the table. Training with this collective has been more rewarding than I imagined.”

Torah S.

“I decided that I wanted to train with The Set Apart Collective because I knew that Stormi would pour out her heart, education, and wisdom to the individuals she was training. It is wonderful that Set Apart Collective offers minority women like myself the opportunity to learn these things so that we can better serve our communities. I feel at times that our voices are not heard. I knew with the training I would receive, I could give back and advocate for women from all backgrounds in my community ”

Tia L.

“The Set Apart collective is everything a collective should be, from the initial training to continuing education training, the unity and family vibes that each member brings. I adore the powerful connection with other doulas and the ability to partake in lifelong learning to enhance my skill set as a doula.”

Charity K.