Our Mission

is to restore, and educate the village one birth worker and family at a time by adding birth workers of color to the line, while reviving normalcy in keeping births and parenting sacred.

  • Growth - Every Certified Holistic Doula who has trained with The Set Apart Collective is required to evolve through continuing education.

  • The Collective - We lean on one another within the collective, pouring into one another through support, assistance, accountability. Within this collective, no cup is left empty, that includes the mothers we serves and our co-Doulas.

  • Our Communities - It is with excellence and integrity we serve, inform, and assist each client and family to evoke healthy homes and communities.

  • Empowering Births - Through education, we empower families to expand their knowledge and views on birth, therefore, protecting future generations to come.

  • Restoring the "Village" - We believe in the power of unlearning and reversing toxic generational practices and beliefs by educating each family we serve, restoring their foundation and the root of the village with truth and understanding.


If you have any questions please contact us.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    Each course is different. Please read all emails carefully to know how long your course is available.

  • Are there payment plans?

    Yes, but each course is different. We understand the complexity of finances and don't want that to be a reason you don't choose to serve your community. If you have any questions about payments please contact us at thesetapartcollective@gmail.com

  • How soon will I gain access to the training material?

    Most courses have prerequisites that have to be approved by the instructor before jumping into the training. Once prerequisites have been met you'll be able to train the set apart way!